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Mikayla Esteb
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Mike & Mikayla Esteb

"Mike has been a real estate agent since 1994. He's knowledgeable, professional, and his goal is to have all his clients experience the lifestyle he has in Gig Harbor.

I joined Mike (my dad) in March of 2020. Prior to working as his assistant, I graduated from Washington State University and began my career as a speech language pathology assistant. I've always loved being in a profession where I have the opportunity to help and communicate with others.

What sparked my career in real estate was my pre-approval letter to buy my first home. After getting through the preapproval process, I started looking into buying a duplex so I could live in one side and rent out the other. This seemed like a great opportunity for me as a first-time home buyer. The problem was I started driving my dad nuts because I would call him every day asking him to look up all these properties. When COVID-19 hit, he made the suggestion for me to work as his assistant. I didn't know anything about real estate, and he seemed to know everything. Although, COVID-19 caused the real estate market to become unpredictable. Clients started asking us if they should sell now, buy now, stand still and we were having trouble giving them an answer. It was a scary time.

This was the environment where I learned real estate. We started studying the market together, meeting with economic advisors, learning from our peers, attending every office meeting we had, and we figured it out.

Together we learned how to make things happen in a market where nothing was happening. Together we learned how to get the majority of offers we wrote accepted. Together we learned that in the frenzy many people will buy the wrong property and regret it afterwards, but this did not happen to our clients largely due to the guidance we gave them.

Mike has always had a passion for building and land development and as I learn more I do too. This aligns with our new business model for 2022, which is helping our clients identify a property, purchase and build on the property, and at the end of the journey they will have a property that is worth way more than the amount of money they have invested in it.

During 2020 and 2021 we put together over 40 transactions with a great majority of the home buyer's sharing that what we did was lifechanging for them. In January 2022, I joined my dad as his business partner, and we are excited for this journey. We make a great team with a combination of experience and youth.

Moving forward we are focused on selling people high quality homes, in many cases, that we created for them as opposed to the experience most home buyers are having with bidding wars and overpriced homes."

-Mikayla Esteb