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UPDATE: How The Lincoln District Revitalization Project Affects You

Alyssa Reische Professional Headshot of Alyssa Reische October 17, 2017
Last updated June 20, 2019

Earlier this year, the City of Tacoma allocated $5.8 million to a revitalization project for the Lincoln District. The project is intended to improve infrastructure and access to the area, thereby showcasing local businesses and hopefully turning it into a destination neighborhood. It was set to complete in November 2017.

With November right around the corner, we decided to get the scoop from REALTOR® Alyssa Reische about where the project’s at, what’s next, and how it will impact us.

“The Lincoln District Revitalization Project started the streetscape updates on the south side of 38th Street, from J Street to South Fawcett Ave, on July 5th,” explained Alyssa. “The streetscape project includes improving pedestrian infrastructure, roadways and sidewalks, and will include a neighborhood entryway.”

While construction seems to be humming now, the November 2017 deadline has been revised. “Work on phase one is expected to be completed June 2018,” Alyssa said.

How will these updates impact traffic? “38th Street will be down to one lane going both directions, and on-street parking is temporarily removed. All businesses will remain open during the project,” Alyssa explained.

Curious about The Lincoln District Revitalization Project’s initial goals and scope? Read Alyssa’s previous blog post here, or check out the overview on the City of Tacoma website.

For more information on this project or on other projects in your community, feel free to contact REALTOR® Alyssa Reische at [email protected], via phone at (253) 344-3176, or online here!