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Ready for a Career Transition? Take a Tour of Our Puyallup Office

February 23, 2021
Last updated June 26, 2021

Situated right off of Highway 512 on Canyon Road, our Windermere Professional Partners Puyallup office is in a prime, convenient location. WPP has 4 offices throughout Pierce County, and we are excited to continue growing and welcoming real estate agents to our newer Puyallup location.

Featuring bright, modern spaces, our office is ready for all that our real estate agents could need or want. Greet clients in the welcoming lobby, give your listing presentations in one of our conference rooms, get to know your fellow agents even better in the break room, and discover workspaces ready for focused work and spontaneous collaboration alike.

When you first arrive, Lisa Johnson is ready to help—she’s our incredible File Manager, Administrative Assistant, and REALTOR® extraordinaire! Lisa keeps things running smoothly, and we sure are lucky to have her on our team.

Meet Patty

Patty Golob is the Owner, Designated Broker, and Manager at the Puyallup Office, and she is here to guide all of our agents every step of the way. Patty is a trusted advisor, and her 20+ year real estate career provides her with an abundance of experience to draw on in nearly every situation that comes her way.

Q&A with Patty Q:

Q: If someone is interested in joining Windermere Professional Partners Puyallup, what are the next steps to find out more information?

Patty: You can visit to learn more, and reach out to me via [email protected]! I’m happy to chat.

Q: I’m currently a real estate agent at another brokerage. How do I make the switch to WPP Puyallup?

Patty: Super easy: Our offices are fully staffed to be able to transfer your license for you as well as your listings, any NWMLS memberships, order all your signs, business cards, etc. We will even rebrand all of your property flyers. With the help of our full-time marketing department, we can customize your marketing materials and your website for you as part of the transfer. We also offer beautiful customized websites and presentation materials. We make the switch seamless so that you can focus on your business without missing a step.

Q: What is it like once someone joins WPP Puyallup? What happens next?

Patty: Once you have made the switch, our marketing department will work with you to set up your profile and your website, and help you with branded marketing materials and personalized brochures. We can assist in setting up autoflow programs such as a custom monthly newsletter or market stats, and we provide training to utilize all the incredible Windermere Tools. We also have you work with our IT Department to get all of your email and contacts syncing together to help make your start up as smooth and as quick as possible.

Q: Just for fun, what are a few of your favorite things about Puyallup?

Patty: Not only do you have a full time manager in every branch – including Puyallup – with many years of full time real-estate expertise, but you also have an opportunity to work side by side with many full-time highly successful agents who thrive in our collaborative work environment. Our agents get total access to our newer office, private meeting rooms, the latest technology and equipment, and lots of parking!

The Puyallup office is probably the best centrally located office in the entire county area. Located right next to the Hwy 512 and Canyon Road exit, you are just moments from Downtown Puyallup or South Hill in one direction, a few minutes to Tacoma and Lakewood and I-5 in the other direction, and at the gateway to Frederickson, Spanaway, Graham, and points further south. This is a major commuter corridor and easy to find and a perfect location to work from and meet clients from.

Q: What type of support will I have access to as a Windermere Professional Partners real estate agent?

Patty: We have full-time licensed transaction coordinators in every office, full-time support staff, a marketing department, HR and accounting with same day direct deposit, and a full-time manager in each office.

REALTORS® at WPP Puyallup Tell All: What’s It Like to be a Part of WPP Puyallup?

“In my expertise, I have certain areas that I’m more versed in and do more deals in, and other agents come to me and ask me for advice. ...There's other agents that have more expertise in other fields and I feel so totally at ease to go to them and ask them how they handled deals. It’s a collaborative effort for sure.” - Diane Gilmore

“When I speak with other agents I always encourage them to look into Windermere Professional Partners because they’re helping me to be the best agent I can be, and I have not found that anywhere else”. - Diane Gilmore

“The big difference from WPP in how they train up and grow agents compared to other companies is that they specifically look at what YOUR goals are.” - Vic Jones

“My first year, I would say probably 80% of my volume came from internal referrals just because the company produces so much that it just spills over. It’s really working great. The internal referral thing comes from being collaborative.” - Vic Jones

“...I’ve had so much support. Before I was kind of balancing my business on my own shoulders—I wasn’t able to do as much as I'm doing now because I just didn’t have the support. But now I have a transaction coordinator, I have a broker who’s amazing, we have a skills group that meets every week‚ and the support of the agents around me… I feel like I’m just a little more at ease.” - Rachel Holland

“There’s never going to be a time when I know the answer to everything, but I know that being a part of this company there’s always someone I can call that can give me advice or has been through it before and is openly willing to share that information and knowledge. It gives me the confidence to tackle whatever comes my way.” - Amy Thor

“It’s really cool to be a part of Windermere Professional Partners because they don’t just have one system where you come in, and this is what you do, and it’s gonna work—because they understand that quality of life and success looks different for every single individual.” - Amy Thor

“The tools that Windermere Professional Partners provides helps agents succeed because it’s just this 360 degrees of support in ANY area that you could want it. If an agent is struggling with the database, we have database support. If an agent’s struggling with marketing or generating new ideas to be relevant and fun, we have a whole marketing department that’s there to help them.” - Amy Thor

Resources & Support

If you read through the info above, you’ve probably noticed a theme: We offer a TON of support! Our full-time staff is here to help you, we have robust training and education opportunities, and once your business is booming we have marketing programs, tools, and people ready to help you continue to thrive and succeed.

You can read a brief overview about what we offer in the blog posts linked below, and if you'd like more in-depth information, Patty Golob is happy to answer any questions you might have!

Q: I’m interested in learning more about joining Windermere Professional Partners. What do I do next?
A: Patty Golob (the Owner, Designated Broker, and Manager at WPP Puyallup!) is ready to share more, and she would love to answer any questions you might have.

You can learn more about Patty here, fill out this contact form, email her at [email protected], or give her a call/text at (253) 223-5884.