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Part 3: What to Expect in Pierce County Real Estate in 2017

Kevin Mullin Professional Headshot of Kevin Mullin January 13, 2017
Last updated September 12, 2019

“2017 is going to be an awesome year!” says Windermere Professional Partners Co-Owner Kevin Mullin.

“…Not to say it’s going to be easy,” adds Co-Owner Michael Robinson.

What do they mean, exactly? In the video above, Kevin and Michael share their takeaways and their thoughts on what you can expect in Pierce County’s 2017 real estate market, and Kevin thinks it’s going to get crazy.

They elaborated: Normally in the 4th quarter, we experience a big dip in November and December when things in real estate typically slow down. But in 2016, there was a little dip in Pierce County in November… and then the market picked right back up again in December.

“Right now, if you’re a buyer and you’re looking at this and it’s the first part of January, you gotta get out on your horse and ride otherwise you’re going to get lost in a cloud of dust,” emphasizes Kevin.

“If you’re a seller I would not wait. Everyone wants to wait until the spring because everything is so pretty…. well, then you’re going to be joined by 100,000 other homes that are going to be listed at the same time. And so it’s Economics 101—it’s [about] supply in demand,” says Kevin.

“Coming out sooner is better than later,” confirms Michael.

Where does Pierce County fit into things on a national level? Michael and Kevin go into this in the video, and they also discuss interest rates, and what it means to be a first-time buyer, an investor, a move-up buyer, a Millennial buyer, a high-end buyer (hint: there will be some great inventory here!), and a renter.

And of course, they want to remind everyone that their success in buying and/or selling a home comes down to the people they choose to work with:

“It’s not going to be easy unless you hire a professional lender that is trusted, a professional representative for real estate that is trusted, and you have a plan,” says Kevin.