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Morgan Mullin’s Pierce County Guide to 5 Alternatives to the Gym

Morgan Mullin Professional Headshot of Morgan Mullin January 25, 2019
Last updated July 2, 2019

“The New Year is always about new beginnings and resolutions,” shares REALTOR® Morgan Mullin. “Are you one of those people who added a healthier lifestyle as a 2019 goal but are too imitated by the gym? Or maybe you’re an avid gym goer, but you’re trying to avoid the crowds. Well, I'm right there with you!”

Morgan put together this list of 5 fun alternatives to going to a typical gym in Tacoma. These ideas are perfect for getting your health journey started without breaking the bank or adding to the already-flooded gyms, too!

1. Yoga: Expand Yoga on 6th Ave

Located on 6th Ave, Expand has a packed schedule of various yoga classes which ensures you can find something that’ll fit with your schedule! They also have some great deals (like unlimited passes and punch cards) that can help make your yoga journey more affordable.

2. Spin: Handlebar Cycling Studio in Downtown Tacoma

Get ready to work up a serious sweat! Your first class at The Handlebar is free, and you can buy class passes, memberships, or simply drop in. There are also discounts for students, seniors, military, and Multicare members.

3. Hiking/Trails: Ruston Waterfront, Chambers Creek Regional Park at Chambers Bay, Point Defiance Park

If heading to any kind of gym is just not your thing or you don’t want to spend the extra cash, then take advantage of Tacoma’s gorgeous public trails! The Ruston Waterfront boasts 2 miles of trails, Chambers Creek Regional Park offers several different trails to explore, and Point Defiance Park includes several miles of scenic trails as well.

4. Rock Climbing: Edgeworks Climbing

Whether you’re a newbie and want to take an intro to climbing class or you’re ready to get serious about your climbing techniques, Edgeworks offers a large variety of climbing courses. You’ll also find yoga, Pilates, strength and core classes, too!

5. Structured Classes: CrossFit & Kickboxing

If you’re interested in taking a class, Morgan recommends CrossFit at Town Athletics and kickboxing classes at I Love Kickboxing. Both of these options give you an opportunity to get in an intense workout while meeting people at the same time.


“Whether you want to be outside or in a class, there is something for everyone! Best of luck in your resolutions!” Thank you for the pro tips, Morgan!

Do you have a question about any of these workout ideas? Have a question about Tacoma real estate? Feel free to get in touch with REALTOR® Morgan Mullin HERE!