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Professional Headshot of Ray Martin

REALTOR® Ray D. Martin is forward moving and fast thinking, because his clients only deserve the best! Colleagues describe Ray as fun-loving, hardworking, respectful, and caring.

When Ray begins a new challenge, he’ll typically start by taking time to plan and think deeply about how to tackle the task at hand. After considering the time and cost of an endeavor, he’ll execute the plan in a straightforward, systematic way. Ray’s work style ensures he knows exactly what step is next in the process and he’s able to avoid confusion for everyone involved. His real estate clients can rest assured that they’re in good hands!

Since Ray was 16 years old, he has worked a variety of jobs, and he considers himself to be a jack of all trades. Before his career in real estate, Ray worked in construction cleaning. Now he loves focusing on real estate and the good it can do in helping others find their dream homes.
In addition to spending time with family and friends, Ray has several hobbies. He enjoys fitness, writing short stories, attending festivals, reading (history, science, and fantasy are a few of his favorite genres), learning about new technologies and current world events, and studying film. But first and foremost, Ray is most passionate about helping his clients find homes!