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Professional Headshot of Natasha Weiss
  • Organizer of yearly events & fundraisers to support the community
  • Advocate & Ambassador for biking

Known for being determined and trustworthy, REALTOR® Natasha Weiss is a go-getter who prides herself on speaking the truth. Natasha has a relationship-based business, meaning that buying or selling a home is not the only time you’ll hear from her—you become her friends for life!

Natasha has a background in customer service, and this experience has helped her learn the importance of adaptability. Every client has their own timeline and agenda, and Natasha not only works fiercely for her clients who are ready to move, but she brings that same energy and enthusiasm to her buyers who are able to take their time. Her #1 focus is her clients’ best interest, and her top priority is to set high expectations and hold herself to those standards. Every day when Natasha shows up to work, she is choosing to be there as her best self, and she strives to provide an experience that is so incredible that her clients will be excited to tell their friends about it!

Natasha lives in Gig Harbor, and she is a plant lover, is dedicated to yoga and fitness, and she loves to cook. When not at work, you can typically find Natasha on the coast or in the mountains. As a Gig Harbor native and lover of the Pacific Northwest, Natasha is also passionate about organizing yearly events and fundraisers that pour into and support her community.

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

A: Original and true to myself, I strive to speak honestly regardless of how it will be received. Education is an important part of every transaction. I enjoy going in depth on contracts and educating clients on the buying and selling process, and I always encourage questions!

Q: Tell us more about the kind of real estate you specialize in!

A: I specialize in helping my clients buy and sell, and I am particularly good at contingent sales and multiple offer situations.