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Professional Headshot of Jerome Sirmans
  • Military Relocation Professional (MRP)

Known for his absolute determination, openness, and understanding, REALTOR® Jerome is a grounded family man who is embraces life by fully expecting to achieve the best possible outcome every situation.

Jerome’s sales background has provided him with some excellent experience in providing top-notch customer service. He knows that clients are happiest when they’re being listened to and guided through the complexities of choices and difficult contracts. Jerome is a person of high integrity and dedication which results in being able to expertly guide his clients through the buying or selling process as their trusted advisor.

He also has earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences and has worked in various industries around the country employed as a contractor kitting and retrofitting armored trucks, a merchant banker, and then working in the car sales industry.

A 20 plus year resident of Pierce County, Jerome is a local guy who is well established in his community. He loves building things that can be used, from modifying sports cars and updating furniture to renovating houses. He also loves training his dogs, learning new things, and working out.

Q: What can clients expect when working with you?

A: I have a sense of humor and an awkwardly sincere personality—I’m consistently forthright and am highly agreeable by nature. I am a quirky, “jocky,” nerdy car guy with high quality taste!