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Janett Carreon is a dependable, flexible, and outgoing REALTOR® who wants to help people find a home, not just a house! Janett is caring to a fault. If one of her clients has a sentimental connection to a home, she has a sentimental connection to that home, too. Everyone will get the type of experience she would want to receive on their end because she always goes above and beyond for her clients!

Before becoming a real estate agent, Janett went to culinary school. She’s passionate about all types of food but specializes in farm-to-table cuisine. After this, she worked various jobs, including one at a Japanese ramen house in Wallingford and one at Pike Place. In her spare time, Janett loves hiking with her three dogs and spending time in her garden. When she’s not outside, she’s in the kitchen trying out a new recipe! But her biggest passion is traveling. She’s been to over 10 countries and she’s always trying to recreate the dishes she loved on her travels.

Q: Why are you excited to join WPP?
I’m excited to join the WPP family because there is so much to learn from this new group of people I’m around.