Windermere Professional Partners


I am dedicated to helping you achieve success, whatever that may mean to you. Whether you're looking to purchase your first home, have enough rental income to live life on your own terms, or perhaps you're not even if you're not sure what you want yet, I am here to assist you. I want to be more than just a Realtor; I want to be a trusted friend who is looking out for your best interests.

I was trained as an architect and am currently in the midst of my first new-construction development. Upon completion of these three town homes in the middle of 2024, I will be fully licensed and able to help design and plan any of your new construction or remodeling projects - on top of any other real estate needs you might have!

Buying. Selling. Designing. Building. Remodeling. Investing. All under one roof.

Who is Christian?
Christian is the right Real Estate Agent for you! An innate willingness to help, combined with his energy, enthusiasm, and endurance, is what sets him apart from all other agents. He is committed to be the most skilled agent in the business; identifying the latest market trends and financial opportunities. Christian knows how to put his clients in the strongest negotiating position. That’s why he has created materials and refined the steps to walk you through the transaction confidently and buttery smooth. He believes real estate is key to building your own wealth. He has found his own golden ticket properties let him advise you on how to find yours.

Why should I work with Christian?

Christian is working on building long lasting relationships. While other agents might view you as just another transaction, Christian will be there for you always; as a trusted advisor and as a friend. Christian understands that real estate is the biggest financial commitment you’ll make and it can never be reduced to a simple transaction because there are people and emotions involved.

What drives Christian?

Christian is a big picture thinker. While he might have left the field of architecture, architecture didn’t leave him. Christian’s vision is to create a new city. One that is beautifully designed: cozy, intimate, humanly scaled, one that will give many European cities a run for their money. He can’t do this all by himself. He needs to win your trust so that one day you’ll join him in creating something bigger than us all. Come say “Hi” and become part of something great.