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Ashley Mills

Clients know REALTOR® Ashley Mills as motivated and hardworking, and she is ready to exceed expectations. Ashley values collaboration, whether it's working alongside her clients, or working with another agent who may have a different perspective or way of approaching things. She’s ready to learn, understand, and stay flexible in order to best serve her clients.

Before her real estate career, Ashley spent 6 years working as criminal defense paralegal. She worked very intimately with clients to go over police reports in person and in jail, drafted documents for court, scheduled appointments, and corresponded with prosecutors. Ashley fully invested herself and her time into not only the clients’ cases, but in learning their background. She would take into consideration how a case could affect a client’s family or job, and worked to lessen that burden whether it meant getting special letters for employers or enrolling clients into treatment.

This experience helped Ashley learn how to stay calm and collected during stressful situations and maintain a high level of professionalism under pressure. She worked with clients who were often angry and emotional, and she learned how to not take things personally. Paralegals are also working under deadlines at all times, and Ashley honed her ability to be meticulous in all of her work.

Ashley also brings her experience in buying and selling her own homes to each transaction with her clients. In 4 years, she bought and sold 4 homes, and she is well-versed in the emotions that can come with a rejected offer and how heartbreaking it can be to “start over.” She understands the stress that comes with packing up your family and making sure your home is spotless for a showing that didn't pan out, and she also understands the excitement of receiving an offer that exceeded your expectations and hopes. She’s ready to celebrate with you when the time comes!

Ashley lives in Orting, and she loves being outdoors with her kids and 2 dogs (a Rottweiler and German Shepherd) exploring new trails and hiking. She has 2 daughters who are the center of her world, and with that, she understands the value of family and ensuring that whatever home you are searching for reflects that safe and comforting place you and your loved ones deserve. Her husband is in Ranger Regiment in the Army, and she would love to work with other military families who need to find their home away from home!

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

A: I LOVE in-person interactions. I want clients to see my body language and be able to look me in the eye. Buying or selling a home is a huge financial decision, and my clients need to be able to trust me which can be hard to do if communications are strictly over the phone or via email. I am also very hands-on—I know that when buying and selling my own homes, I appreciate constant check-ins, updates, and basic questions such as "How are you doing?" and "How do you feel about this?" I am ready to provide this level of service to anyone I work with.