Windermere Professional Partners
Professional Headshot of Sarah Stolberg
Accounting & Human Resources Manager

Sarah Stolberg

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Western Washington University, Class of 1996
  • Volunteer with Regional Animal Services of King County
  • HOA Board of Directors in two communities

Sarah loves being a part of a dynamic company here at Windermere Professional Partners, and we’re grateful for all she does for us! She oversees our Accounting/HR department and staff with the processing of commission checks, agent billings and accounts payable, preparation of company financial statements and taxes, payroll, recruiting, hiring, benefits administration, agent orientation, license renewal compliance, and maintenance of all financial and personnel records. As you can see, she wears (juggles?!) many hats!

Sarah loves that WPP encourages collaboration and teamwork at all levels of the company, and she is always looking for new and better ways to provide the best service possible to our Brokers. She enjoys being part of the operations management team, and being an expert in her areas of responsibility. She has learned a lot over the years through a variety of new responsibilities and projects she’s taken on as the company has grown – there’s always something new going on to keep her challenged!

Before joining us in 2009, Sarah spent 11 years working for residential and commercial real estate appraisal firms in the Seattle and Bellevue area. Over the years, she’s gained a variety of experience in office management, human resources, and accounting, primarily in small-business settings.

Sarah lives in Tacoma with her goofy and lovable corgi and two cats, who make her laugh almost daily! She enjoys the Tacoma area for its variety of local parks, shopping and dining options. As an animal-lover, she has been a dedicated volunteer with Regional Animal Services of King County since 2014, where she assists with cat adoptions, volunteer scheduling, and representing RASKC in the community at various events. Other ways Sarah spends her time when not providing invaluable services to Windermere include reading, going to movies, swimming, traveling, listening to music, scrapbooking (she’s a big picture-taker), going for walks with her dog, and hanging out with friends and family.