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Why Are 250 Electric Scooters & 100 E-Bikes Parked Around Tacoma?

Anders Ibsen Professional Headshot of Anders Ibsen October 4, 2018
Last updated June 20, 2019

If you’ve been out and about Tacoma lately, you may have seen bikes and scooters randomly parked around town. This is part of a dockless bike share program through Lime that Tacoma is trying out for 60 days (starting on September 21, 2018).

“I'm excited to see more liveliness in our public spaces,” shares REALTOR® Anders Ibsen. “By making e-scooters and bikes available to the general public, we enhance the transportation choices of Tacoma residents, while also growing the vitality of our neighborhood commercial districts.”

In order to try out the bikes and scooters for yourself, you have to download the LimeBike app to your smart phone. You can use the app to view scooters and bikes that are located closest to you, and once you find a bike or scooter to use, you scan the QR code or enter a number to unlock it.

The Lime website has some handy tutorial videos if you’re still unsure about how it all works!

Have a question about Lime, or curious to chat about other Tacoma transit options? Get in touch with REALTOR® Anders Ibsen here!