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Support Your Community & Join the Grit City Co-op! (Don’t Miss the First Annual Meeting on Sept 29!)

Anders Ibsen Professional Headshot of Anders Ibsen August 29, 2018
Last updated June 20, 2019

A group of Tacoma community members are passionate about bringing Grit City Co-op (a food cooperative) to Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood. Not only is this an amazing amenity for the community, but it’s also easy to get involved! REALTOR® Anders Ibsen is one of these passionate community members, and he took some time to share more information on this incredible organization and the work they’re doing.

“The only thing that Grit City Co-op wants to change in this neighborhood is the access to healthy, affordable, ethically sourced food,” shares Anders. “Tacoma is an amazing place to live, and the co-op will be a place to showcase all the wonderful bits and pieces of our community that is already doing great things. The co-op will employ people who have a history here, and the profits will be fed directly back into the local vendors, farmers, and members that we serve.”

What is a food cooperative?

Anders shared with us that cooperatives create mutual benefits for their members, since the members literally own the business. Profits are:

  • Shared among the members
  • Invested in improving services to the clients
  • Used to promote the communities that a cooperative is in

“What is extra special about a food cooperative is all of the natural community, cultural vibrancy, health, and environmental impacts that are latent in the food we feed ourselves. Grit City Co-op is excited to open so that it can be a physical place for gathering these benefits. There will be classes, community meeting spaces, good food at affordable prices, and any suggestion from our membership can become a reality.”

How can I get involved?

“The first annual general meeting is so important,” says Anders. On September 29, 2018, you can attend a meeting to learn more about the progress the co-op is making and what to expect next.

“The Co-op can open as soon as it has 500 members, and the meeting will present the path to get there. Members and guests will be able to direct that path, be a part of opening the store, and we are even voting in new Board Members. There is a lot of good news to share, and this meeting is a celebration where all of the members are welcome to get to know one another, and lean in to getting the store part of our community open soon.”

Where is the co-op located?

That is TBD! According to Anders, “As soon as we reach 500 members, we can start actively negotiating for a location in the thriving and centrally located Hilltop neighborhood.”


“Grit City Co-op already has a thriving community, and we are going to be at a ton of local events, festivals, and volunteering at local non-profits in the community. You can see our full list of events at Join today to help shape what that will look like, and make sure to tell your friends that this great resource for Tacoma is on its way!”

Do you have a question about Grit City Co-op? Curious to learn more about how to get involved? Feel free to get in touch with REALTOR® Anders Ibsen HERE!