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WPP Completes $50,000 Donation to Multicare Treehouse

testing October 20, 2011
Last updated July 2, 2019

In 2007 all the Realtors at Windermere Professional Partners committed to a donation of $50,000 for the development of the Multicare Foundation Tree House. The Treehouse is a residence for families to reside while their loved ones are going through (sometimes lengthy) health treatments. During one of the most traumatic times a family can face this kind of family housing is a true gift that touches lives in a most meaningful way.

You may recall that in 2007 the real estate world was much more active than it is now. In that first year Windermere Professional Partners raised almost $28,000 for the Multicare Treehouse. However after 2007 came one of the worst housing crisis in American history- but even this challenging market the Realtors at Windermere Professional Partners lived up the commitment and raised the additional $32,000 to reach the $50,000 goal. “”The Realtors hosted multiple resident dinners and fund raisers, and although it took five years, they never lost faith.” Says Kevin Mullin, partner and General Manager of Windermere Professional Partners. “It is also important to remember, each one of these Realtors is an independent contractor so any action they took was solely because they wanted to not because someone told them to. I am proud to be associated with such a great group of people.”

On Tuesday WPP Realtors made dinner for the residents of the Treehouse and while there presented the staff with the final check to achieve the $50,000 donation. WPP is proud to be a part of the community supporters that help ensure that Tree House continues to offer parents and families a nurturing, restful environment that lets them focus all of their energies on their beloved child.

This is one of many community service projects that Windermere Realtors in more than 10 states participate both in their own individual offices and through the work of The Windermere Foundation. For the past 23 years, the Windermere Foundation has donated a portion of the proceeds from every home purchased or sold towards supporting low-income and homeless families in our communities. What started in 1989 as a grassroots foundation serving families in need in Washington State, has grown to encompass ten states and has raised over $22 million for programs and organizations that provide shelter, clothing, children’s programs, emergency assistance, and other services to those who need our help the most. For more information check out the Windermere Foundation Blog.