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Take a Tour of WPP’s New Office in Enumclaw & Meet the Assistant Branch Manager

April 13, 2021
Last updated June 16, 2021

We are excited to share an inside look at our new Windermere Professional Partners office in Enumclaw! Keep scrolling to check out all of the perks of our office space, and meet Assistant Branch Manager & REALTOR® Laura Oellerich for the scoop on all of the services you get access to when you join Windermere Professional Partners in Enumclaw.

About the Space

Located right on Griffin Ave where there’s plenty of people coming and going, our Enumclaw office receives lots of walk-in clients. Our spacious layout offers flexibility for work, meetings, presentations, and more. We have personal cubicles for all agents, and 2 conference rooms (one large and one small) where you can meet with clients. Our Enumclaw office also has a nice break room stocked with coffee and tea, and we also have a resource room where there are 2 computers for agents to use, a copy machine, shredder, and office supplies. Everything you need is right here!

“Enumclaw is a fabulous small-town community,” shares Laura Oellerich. “It is surrounded by farms and pasture lands and sits at the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range. It’s also the gateway to Mt Rainier and all that it has to offer. Enumclaw has a fabulous downtown area with shopping and restaurants. Everyone here seems to know each other, and you can feel the sense of community.”

Meet Our Staff

Assistant Branch Manager Laura Oellerich works alongside WPP Owner Kevin Mullin to guide and support agents at the Enumclaw office. Laura and all WPP agents also have the support of our staff—Lisa Johnson is our file manager, Karina Haaseth is our Marketing Manager, Sarah Stolberg is our Accounting and Human Resources Manager, and there are several more staff members who all help things run smoothly!

Meet Laura

If you’re thinking about joining a new real estate brokerage, we would love for you to consider joining us at Windermere Professional Partners in Enumclaw. In this Q&A with Manager Laura Oellerich, she shares everything you need to know to get the conversation started!

Q: If someone is interested in joining Windermere Professional Partners Enumclaw, what are the next steps to find out more information?

Laura: is full of great info about the company. Stop by the office Monday - Friday, 9am to 3pm to take an in-person tour and talk to myself and other agents in the office.

Q: I’m currently a real estate agent at another brokerage. How do I make the switch to WPP Enumclaw?

Laura: The first step is to chat with me and find out what we have to offer! Next, you would meet with our Broker Advisory Board for an interview. Finally, our HR department will help you with transitioning your license to WPP.

Q: What is it like once someone joins WPP Enumclaw? What happens next?

Laura: We have a fantastic HR team to help you with all of the initial steps involved in becoming a REALTOR®. Your manager will give you an onboarding checklist with all of the things to help you lay the foundation for your business. We will get you hooked up with our marketing manager to help set up your website and any other marketing materials you need. And now the fun begins! We have daily classes and meetings where you can learn and collaborate with managers and agents on how to build and grow your business to suit you. Also, ask about our Mentorship program where we pair you with an experienced agent to help you get started.

Q: What type of support will I have access to as a Windermere Professional Partners real estate agent?

Laura: You will have support from 5 branch managers, file managers, marketing professionals, and our accounting department to process your commission checks in a timely manner. We have education available on a daily basis on all of the topics that can help you be a leading agent in the industry. You will also have a desk in the office and access to all of the tools you need to get the job done.

REALTORS® at WPP Enumclaw Tell All: What Has Been the Biggest Value That WPP Has Brought To You?

“WPP has brought a blend of positive energy, a dedicated and innovative support staff, and an effective training system which has motivated me to develop new skills and continue to grow in a business that I love. Laura Oellerich has brought great organization and supervising expertise to our office and Kevin Mullin is an inspirational and kindhearted leader. It is a great pleasure to be part of such an exceptional team!” - REALTOR® Anita Rice

“I really like the idea of working with many other brokers here at WPP. You can always reach out for help, information or contractor referrals. The time that WPP spends on training and keeping all brokers up to date and informed is really fantastic.” - REALTOR® John Sappington

“Friendly, accessible people with a network of expertise.” - REALTOR® Carol M. Meeks

Resources & Support

If you read through the info above, you’ve probably noticed a theme: We offer a TON of support! Our full-time staff is here to help you, we have robust training and education opportunities, and once your business is booming we have marketing programs, tools, and people ready to help you continue to thrive and succeed.

You can learn more about the support we offer, and what both experienced and brand new agents love about WPP. If you'd like more in-depth information, Laura is happy to answer any questions you might have!