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Neighborhoods Where You Can Buy Waterfront Property in Pierce County

May 31, 2021

One of the most unique things about living in Pierce County, WA is the fact that we have tons of opportunities for waterfront living!

In this post we’ll be sharing all of the neighborhoods and cities in Pierce County where you can buy a true waterfront property. When we refer to a waterfront property, we don’t mean homes where you have a great water view or are super close to the water. We’re talking about properties that are right along the water’s edge, and properties where you can maybe have a dock out onto a lake, or maybe have a beach that you own!

In Pierce County, you have 2 major opportunities for living on the waterfront. You can either live right on the Puget Sound, or you can live on a lake. Here are the Pierce County cities and neighborhoods with waterfront homes:

Waterfront Homes in Tacoma

While Tacoma offers a ton of opportunities to buy a home with a water view, there actually aren’t that many neighborhoods where you can buy a home right on the water. This is in large part due to the train tracks that run right along the water’s edge (so if you take the train, try to get a window seat—you’re in for a scenic ride!).

Northeast Tacoma, and more specifically Browns Point, is one Tacoma neighborhood that offers true waterfront living. From Browns Point you can enjoy incredible views of Commencement Bay and depending which direction you’re facing, you might have a view of Downtown Tacoma (which is especially gorgeous at night with all of its shimmering lights) or Vashon Island.

Tacoma’s West End neighborhood has many incredible water views, and many of the homes may feel like waterfront even though they are not technically right on the water. However there is a small neighborhood in the West End just south of Titlow Beach where the homes are right on the water.

Waterfront Homes in University Place

Day Island in University Place offers the best of both worlds—you get to live that waterfront island lifestyle yet you’re still connected to University Place via a bridge! This of course means that you don’t have to worry about a ferry. Head south from Day Island and you will find another small neighborhood known as Sunset Beach in University Place where you can buy waterfront property.

Waterfront Homes on Anderson Island

The only way to get to Anderson Island is to take the Anderson Island - Steilacoom ferry, and this small island in Pierce County offers waterfront living on the Puget Sound as well as lakefront properties. That’s right—there are a few lakes on Anderson Island that also afford a waterfront lifestyle. Florence Lake and Josephine Lake both offer lakefront living in a quiet, tranquil setting.

Waterfront Homes in Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor is known for the waterfront lifestyle that it offers, and this Pierce County city is made up of several smaller neighborhoods. Gig Harbor neighborhoods like Maplewood, Sunrise Beach, Shore Acres, Cromwell, East Cromwell, Artondale, Forest Beach, and Rosedale all have waterfront properties. Crescent Lake is also in Gig Harbor, and this small lake features scenic lakefront homes.

Waterfront Homes on Fox Island

Fox Island is connected to Gig Harbor via the Fox Island Bridge, so although it is an island you don’t have to worry about needing to take a ferry. One of the great things about Fox Island is that you can enjoy the quiet, laid-back island life, yet Gig Harbor shopping is only 10-20 minutes away.

Waterfront Homes on the Key Peninsula

The Key Peninsula is made up of several small towns including places like Wauna, Key Center, Vaughn, Home, Lakebay, and Longbranch. The Key Peninsula provides opportunities to live right on the water with views of Carr Inlet, Nisqually Reach, and Case Inlet. There are even a few small lakes on the Key Peninsula that offer lakefront living, including Jackson Lake, Palmer Lake, and Bay Lake.

Pierce County Neighborhoods Where You Can Buy Lakefront Property

Lakefront Properties in Lakewood

The city of Lakewood is aptly named—Lakewood in Pierce County is truly a city of lakes. Gravelly Lake, American Lake, and Steilacoom Lake are all in close proximity to each other, and these lakes are brimming with scenic lakefront properties.

Lakefront Properties in Lake Tapps/Bonney Lake

Lake Tapps is often referred to as its own city, but it’s technically a census-designated area that’s right alongside Bonney Lake. There are a huge variety of lakefront properties on this expansive body of water.

Lakefront Properties in Spanaway

Spanaway Lake is where you’ll find lakefront living in Spanaway! This scenic hub of recreation is a destination in and of itself, but it’s also right on the shores of beautiful Spanaway Lake Park and Lake Spanaway Golf Course.

Lakefront Properties in East Pierce County

As you head southeast, Pierce County becomes more and more rural and forested pretty much until you reach Mount Rainier National Park! There are several lakes in East Pierce County, and a few of them even offer lakefront properties. Lakes with waterfront homes include Silver Lake, Clear Lake, Tanwax Lake, Lake Whitman, Ohop Lake, and Twin Lakes.


There are many, many additional neighborhoods and cities in Pierce County that feel like waterfront thanks to the incredible water views, but are not technically ON the water. A few of these areas include neighborhoods and cities like Downtown Tacoma, Old Town Tacoma, Tacoma’s West Slope, Ruston, Steilacoom, and more. If you just want the perks of a water view, these are just a few of the areas in Pierce County we recommend checking out!

If you would like to buy a waterfront property in Pierce County, you need to work with an experienced real estate professional. Buying a home that’s right on the water comes with its own unique set of considerations, and working with a REALTOR® who can guide you through the process is crucial.

If you’d like to get in touch with a waterfront expert, we can introduce you to one ASAP—contact us here!