Windermere Professional Partners

How Windermere Professional Partners is Changing & Evolving in 2020

July 28, 2020

REALTOR® Lindsay Heidal on WPP’s Commitment to Systemic Change
“WPP is managed and formed by a unique group of individuals who not only see the real estate market as dynamic and ever changing, but who realize the importance of our response as human beings to not remain static in a world in need of vast change. WPP is committed to learning the role and responsibility of real estate professionals for making systemic changes in how this business works for all.”
- REALTOR® Lindsay Heidal

REALTOR® James Fisher on WPP’s Leadership Role in the Community
“WPP recognizes their professional responsibilities as a leader in the real estate industry.I hope this reaches some of our newer and seasoned agents and encourages them to go get involved with REALTOR® associations and professional trade groups. There comes a time when you recognize change is needed and the only way to get it done is by giving your time back to this profession we all love. I encourage any of our realtors at WPP to apply for open board positions at TPCAR and or at the state level with WA REALTORS®. You can even nominate yourself. Are you a bit nervous thinking you don’t know anyone? You would be surprised at the faces you will recognize. There is a reason members of WPP continue to seek positions in leadership and it has to do with the culture that starts at the top. I can guarantee you will meet people and it will change your life and your perspective on professional responsibility.”
- REALTOR® James Fisher

REALTOR® Greg Devey on WPP’s Dedication to Safety
“WPP is evolving during this pandemic by not only following the rules but helping to create them. Keeping potential buyers and sellers safe is the most important thing we can do right now.”
- REALTOR® Greg Devey

REALTOR® Ferrah Seifert on WPP Staff’s Quick & Professional Adaptation During COVID-19
“Our team has helped with everything from setting up new technology to marketing. A few amazing things that WPP has done recently include:

  • Helping all of us agents stay up-to-date with current market trends and information in our Monday meetings
  • Making sure we’re all equipped with tools that allow us to continue to do business in a safe manner
  • Offering wellness activities
  • Supporting us during the protests and speaking about the situation from a compassionate point of view
  • Transferring all classes and meetings online immediately when we had to stay home due to COVID-19 so we could all be connected and tuned in
  • Helping us set up Zoom accounts so we had another tool to work remotely
  • Helping with marketing, including my porch-trait postcard and social media marketing material
  • Sending me a gift for capping!
  • Providing an incredible community of agents for support
  • File management services

Big shout out to our amazing managers and all staff—thank you!”
- REALTOR® Ferrah Seifert

REALTOR® Erin Dobrinski on WPP’s Proactive Leadership & Support During COVID-19
“WPP provided proactive leadership, communicating changes, new policies and procedures that impacted our activities as REALTORS®. We always felt well-informed and confident about what the next steps were. I had other REALTORS® from other companies sending me ‘updates’ days after WPP rolled out the information to us. This allowed us to serve our clients well. Because we had a good understanding of how changes to our business practice would be impacting our clients, we could communicate to the people we were serving - those in the midst of a transaction and those who had to find a home/who were moving here. Having timely and accurate information from WPP during the 'Stay Home, Stay Healthy' order

actually resulted in two of our clients being able to secure homes, as we knew that we could be showing homes with the proper safety restrictions, and could communicate to our clients; there were fewer buyers out in the market in early April, since many weren't sure what they were allowed to be doing.”

“Having Zoom meetings was so wonderful. Not only for the purpose of keeping updated on what we needed to know, but the emotional support that this offered was wonderful. Being able to see and hear our leadership, enjoy bantering back and forth in the comments section or, in some cases, having a smaller group on camera at the same time was a joy! We are such a collaborative group and we all needed the interaction. In Puyallup, Patty hosted several Zoom meetings for our particular office. This was a great way to stay connected with our office colleagues.”

“Being able to continue with our training schedule - our "usual" topics and then COVID-19 related topics, was great. Also, being able to access them on the Windermere HUB was helpful, as well, to review information or to watch after the live presentation.”

“Being reminded that we have an EAP program to serve and support, if needed, was a great idea. Lots of emotion and change going on during this unprecedented time!”

“Leadership reminding us to continue to connect with our spheres, to see how we could help was such a great idea. I made so many calls to past clients (and I usually don't make calls, unless I am involved in a transaction with a client or have a specific need to call). The "How are you doing"/"just because" calls were very appreciated by our clients.”

“Tom and I are grateful to you all!” - REALTOR® Erin Dobrinski