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5 Ways to Take Advantage of Living Near the Water in Tacoma

June 30, 2017
Last updated September 12, 2019

One of the best things about living in Tacoma is its miles and miles of shoreline! Tucked away in the shimmering Puget Sound, not only is Tacoma brimming with opportunities for enjoying breathtaking scenery, but it’s also packed with some great ways to stay active, too.

Whether you live in Tacoma or are just visiting for the day, here are 5 ideas from locals on how to take advantage of being near the water:

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Relax and enjoy the view.

“A simple stroll to and then along Tacoma waterfront parks or public beach access points early in the morn as the sun rises allows you to hear the soft push of the waves as they rustle through the smooth pebbles,” shares Krista Osborne. “[Take] in the fresh scent of sea salt and the song of wood ducks and local sea birds. The early mornings on our magnificent Tacoma waterfronts' is truly a time to soak in what it means to live in and around the Pacific Northwest.”

In addition to taking in the beautiful scenery and observing wildlife in the early mornings, Krista recommends boat watching (especially a fun activity for those with little ones!): “If you have a yearning to sit and watch ginormous container ships make their way to the Port of Tacoma, between the synchronized movement of the local ferry boats, the tug boats and the container ships, you will surely be amazed. [There is] something for everyone within arm’s reach when you live near our wonderful Tacoma waterways!”

The Ruston Way Waterfront walk and Chambers Bay are just a couple of the most popular Tacoma spots to take in incredible views, in case you need specific recommendations.


2. Take advantage of kayaking, boating, and other water sports.

“If you yearn for the active whir of a boat motor and whiz of activity, you just have to wait until the sun is fully up and your eyes and ears will be filled with the healthy and alive activities that dance upon our waterways,” shares Krista. “[Here, we have the unique] opportunity to be pulled into the air by a speeding boat as you are hooked to a parachute to see the shoreline and mountains that surround us.”

Parasailing is certainly a unique way to enjoy the outdoors and take in the stunning view. Another great option is kayaking: “I love to rent kayaks at Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park,” says Alyssa Reische.” They have single or double kayaks. Last time we rowed to Vashon Island and had some seals join us for the trip, swimming [along with us]. We also see a local dolphin every once in awhile.”


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3. Enjoy dining with a waterfront view.

“Feast within one of the amazing waterfront restaurants after you dry off from your water-bound adventures,” recommends Krista. C.I. Shenanigans, Duke’s Chowder House, restaurants at Point Ruston, Anthony’s at Point Defiance, Steamer’s Seafood Cafe, and Boathouse 19 are just a few of the many waterfront dining options in Tacoma!


4. Bring a picnic to the park.

One of Sharon Chambers-Gordon’s favorite ways to enjoy the waterfront is to have picnics with her family and friends who are visiting from out of town. “We cook our favorite meals from scratch, pack up our picnic baskets, blankets, and dogs, and head to any waterfront area we like. In Tacoma, there are benches and tables to spread out on and enjoy our meal, and there is lots of green space to lounge on blankets, play Bocce, watch a dazzling sunset, ride bikes, or scooters, and of course walk our dogs!”


5. Mix up your workout routine.

If you’re going to go for a run, why not do it while enjoying a fabulous view? “With a nice cool breeze coming off the water, it makes the Tacoma waterfront a great place to go for a run,” says Marisa Merritt. “Time it right when the tide’s out, and you can cool off by dipping your toes and feet in the water. Super refreshing at the end of a long run!”