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Celebrating Cheryl Wilkerson’s 15th Anniversary with Windermere Professional Partners!

Cheryl Wilkerson Professional Headshot of Cheryl Wilkerson June 22, 2018
Last updated June 19, 2019

As Cheryl Wilkerson's colleagues and friends, we are proud to join her in celebrating her 15 years with Windermere Professional Partners!

“Cheryl’s bright smile and professionalism are cherished by her colleagues and clients,” says Tacoma Branch Manager Jasmyn Jefferson. “Congratulations on this milestone!”

Cheryl will be the first to tell you how much she loves building relationships, working with great people and meeting new clients who become amazing friends.

“I love investing my time with clients, especially first-time home buyers,” Cheryl says. Similarly, she also enjoys helping new agents as they’re getting started with their own real estate businesses.

She’s found that her work in real estate offers endless opportunities to give back to her community by supporting many different charities, and even opens doors to help her broaden her technical skills and experience.

“We are a family here at Windermere Professional Partners,” shares Cheryl. “We consistently receive support and encouragement from fellow brokers, managers & owners.”

Before Cheryl’s real estate career, she was a busy full-time mother of five children.

“I was looking for a flexible job I could enjoy and be passionate about while helping support my family,” she says.

Since then she’s learned that she has the keen ability to balance her work schedule with her home life and family. These days that means when she’s not working in real estate she finds time for gardening, cooking, boating and spending time with her grandchildren.