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6 Not-to-Miss Spots for Outdoor Lovers in the Town of Ruston

Austin Wagner Professional Headshot of Austin Wagner January 3, 2019
Last updated June 20, 2019

The Town of Ruston is treasured by its residents in part for its many opportunities to spend time outdoors. “[There’s] easy access to beautiful outdoor walks,” shares REALTOR® Austin Wagner.

Point Ruston Waterwalk, Ruston Way Path, Puget Creek Trail, Rust Park, Commerce Park, and Marine Park are Austin’s favorite outdoor spots.

“If you're needing an easy run or walk along the water, Point Ruston's Waterwalk and Ruston Way are great options. If you're looking for making the most out of a rare sunny afternoon with the kids and the dog, Commerce, Marine and Rust park are all great options. But by far, the favorite and a little hidden gem is the short but lovely Puget Creek Trail. About 2 miles round trip, this tucked away trail is great for a nice secluded run or walk.”

Austin also adds that all of these wonderful outdoor locations allow dogs. There is parking lot on the corner of Ruston way and McCarver St., and this a great spot to get started on a walk or run. Also, Point Ruston has monitored parking garages, these other locations do not.

Do you have a question about living in Tacoma’s Ruston/Old Town Neighborhood? Get in touch with REALTOR® Austin Wagner! You can contact him at [email protected].